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Finalist #24, Shadows at the Tate Modern

Sometimes not being on time is a bonus! Several years ago we arrived at the Tate Modern in London late in the afternoon thinking we’d have several hours to enjoy this fascinating place. It is a wonderful gallery, housed in an immense building that was formerly an electrical power generation station.

We’d miscalculated the timing of our visit, however, and found it due to close a few minutes after we arrived. Liz just had time to visit the museum shop while I waited, standing on the mezzanine at one end of the great, long main entry gallery. Bold shadows from the tall end windows lined the floor  The steady stream of people walking in all directions seemed to be “dancing” with their own shadows in a mind-boggling, ultra high contrast scene. I quickly made a couple dozen exposures before the light faded.

Had we not been “late,” I might have missed seeing such a sight!

CVMC Finalist-3284

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2 thoughts on “Finalist #24, Shadows at the Tate Modern

  1. Had to send this one on to my daughter Lisa–real magic here. Serendipity!

  2. Caroline on said:

    Very cool!

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