Still Learning To See

Finalist #16, playing with seeing in the water

I generally do not “groom” a scene when I make a photo, such as moving a leaf or adding a flower. I rarely use added light. I tend to enjoy the challenge of working with whatever is in front of me.

One exception I made several years ago was to judiciously toss a few pebbles into a very still pond and wait for the changes to happen. The results I saw were mesmerizing¬†and gorgeous. Even if I’d not pushed the shutter release, I’d have enjoyed what I saw.

CVMC Finalist-6437

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2 thoughts on “Finalist #16, playing with seeing in the water

  1. Dave T on said:

    It is fun to guess what is being seen but it also is nice to know reality so thanks for your explanations. you have an amazing skill in not only taking the pictures but interpreting them in your own light. We are going to plan a visit to your photo show in Montpelier in Jan and will let you know what will work out so look forward to seeing you at that time, perhaps for lunch or dinner.


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