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Finalist #10, another view of buildings

When I fly I make a point of sitting at a window and, when possible, at a window on the side of the plane that will afford me the views and lighting conditions I want. I clean the window as best I can (some are hopeless) and my camera is out and ready.

As I said earlier this week, “being ready” is only part of making the photograph I have in mind. Luck was certainly with me as we took off from O’Hare airport in Chicago late one December afternoon several years ago. The sun, nearly set, cast long shadows of the downtown buildings on the surface of Lake Michigan which was just opaque enough from turbulence to provide a great “canvas” for the shadow images.

I’ve looked for this scene again when I fly east out of Chicago and have never seen it! Part of me wishes I’d been a pilot—with a camera of course—because I’m sure they’ve seen this scene, and many others, from the cockpit.





CVMC Finalist--5

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog. While I missed my original goal of posting every single day, I did hit the mark at 323 posts. Thank you for following my work.

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2 thoughts on “Finalist #10, another view of buildings

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    amazingly wondrous! eyes open and being ready is most of the battle. many congratulations on your anniversary!

  2. Thanks Deb. You know what it takes!

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