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A bright evening

Yesterday’s dark morning got even darker and wetter after I posted the photographs of the trees but by noon the day had lightened and a wonderfully “Novemberish” breeze was blowing in my favorite time of year. My hiking pals and I celebrated my 64th with a bit of bubbly and a lovely walk up in nearby Sabin’s Pasture.

Snow on the Worcester Range is a sure sign of November.


The view from Sabin’s Pasture back to the west shows a distant snow-covered Camel’s Hump with the lovely towers of College Hall, now part of Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA),  in the foreground.


And the day that had begun so dark, ended on a grace note with a gorgeous sky behind the trees I’d woken up to and a delightful dinner with Liz and friends. Who could want more?


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2 thoughts on “A bright evening

  1. Happy Birthday albeit belated 🙂 Great to know you’re 64 years young!

  2. enchanting picture of your trees against the last-brightening darkening skies. As for your enchantments of the day, indeed – no one having such would ever ask for more.

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