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More colors of late fall…

…November is not the spectacle that October is, and it always sweeps me away with its simple beauty.  The bare branches and inky skies, the small bursts of color, mostly subdued but also a few dashes with intensity similar to those of last month.

A most remarkable presence in the November landscape is the Tamarack (Larix laricina). They are often found in small groves, nearly invisible until revealed in gold among the gray, and they linger long enough to make me forget Fall is nearly at an end. Either in the gray, leafless woods or against the blue sky, they are stunning.

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3 thoughts on “More colors of late fall…

  1. your sis, Karen on said:

    Your picture just kept revealing more and more as I slowly scrolled downward. Immediately, I liked what I saw: the dark green evergreens…then the brilliant golden yellow tips of the tamarack revealed themselves. That gave a way to a burst of “oh my!” Before I knew it, the bare grey tree tops came to be in front of the tamaracks…and then a pond. What a setting! And, in the completed picture, those amazing, brilliant, golden yellow tips of the tamarack appear again, now in reverse, in the reflection of the pond. What beauty you have captured today. Thanks, John, for sharing “your lens on life” so well.

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