Still Learning To See

“That’s interesting…what is it?!”

I often hear this comment about my photographs, especially the abstracts. I suppose I should just give up resisting and reveal what it is! Usually I edge into things and say something like “It doesn’t really matter. Just enjoy it.”

But I also know my own mind often feels like it needs a “hook” on which to hang things. Unfortunately, all too often, as soon as I have it, I stop seeing and just pigeon-hole whatever it was I had wondered about.

I really do need to do some pigeon-holing in life or I wouldn’t even be able to walk down the street—there is SO much to see at every step—but it is wonderful to be able to quiet the mind’s voice and just enjoy seeing once in a while.

I made this photograph on a Lake Michigan beach one December or, now that I think back, maybe I was really landing on Mars. Does the rest of it really matter?


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2 thoughts on ““That’s interesting…what is it?!”

  1. Yep, it’s that good old yin/yang again–balancing what is “real” vs what is “true”. I always feel true has more to do with the imagination rather than the senses. Love and friendship are certainly “true” even if we can’t touch, smell, hear, see, or smell them. We need a balance of both, which is what Thoreau knew when he said: “Build your castles in the air–that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

    And for me your picture is an aerial view of the mountains in LORD OF THE RINGS! 🙂

  2. thanks for these creations which reveal the endless fractal beauties.

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