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A jet and a cloud…from the ground

There are many times in a week when I see a photograph and don’t have a camera. I’ve taken to just blinking my eyes tight as a way to help remember the image in my brain storage bank. Often, of course, I do have a camera nearby and sometimes all comes together and the elusive image makes it through the lens and onto the storage card (formerly called film).

I was sitting in a parked car ten years ago on a hot summer day when a violent storm blew up. The sun was still shining but I heard a huge crack of thunder. When I stepped out of the car, camera in hand, anticipating there might be something of interest, I had exactly 3 seconds to aim, focus and click the shutter to make this photograph. Thirty seconds later I was back in the car as the heavens opened up and the rain came down by buckets!

I’m still pretty happy with the image and treasure the memory of the day.

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One thought on “A jet and a cloud…from the ground

  1. Fred Bartel on said:

    What composition! wow

    Semper Fi

    Fred C. Bartel

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