Still Learning To See


I’ve always enjoyed seeing the world in small parts through a viewfinder. I know there can be down sides to this as it is not the way the world really is. But I also find it fascinating to create these abstractions and to disassociate pieces from the whole.

Here are three abstracts, each very different, of the built environment.

A mail slot in a fancifully painted gate in Wales creates some intrigue and sets the whole image slightly off-balance in a way that I enjoy.

The London Eye, a huge Ferris wheel, was a wonderful contrast to the remains of contrail clouds and a stunning blue sky.

The remains for the flowers from a nearby Linden (Tilia) tree outlined the joints and contrasted with the 3-dimensional projections in this walkway in a lovely and interesting manner.


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One thought on “Abstracts

  1. your sis, Karen on said:

    Each one fascinating! The ferris wheel against the deep blue sky actually made my stomach do a turn as I scrolled down to see it in full view! An effective photo, to be sure!

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