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More storm clouds

Prompted by the comments in the past two postings, I dug back into the folder where these storm cloud images were stored. In fact there were others that hold some real promise, even one that showed the clouds and Camel’s Hump!

The clouds and Camel’s Hump—no “photoshopping” needed!

I guess my mind filters were heavily in place when I first looked that the series and I never went back again. I also feel like I’m better now than then (April 23, 2006) when I made these photographs at seeing what I actually have. Good lessons!

The one thing I remember about the day was how wild it was. When I saw things brewing, I made an illegal stop along side the interstate but decided to push on another fifteen minutes to what I hoped was a better, and safer, spot. The wind records show gusts to 35 mph:

I’m glad to have taken a second look at these images. Even if they may not be A+ photographs, they are worth a second, critical look.

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One thought on “More storm clouds

  1. Marti Snell on said:

    Thanks for including the wind facts behind the storm photos. Your pictures are a visual record of such complex stuff of science — you expose us to the beauty, the visual amazement of that moment when you aimed, focused, and opened the shutter. I like having some of the natural context defined as well, as you often do.

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