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Water and light

I’ve long been drawn to the magic of light reflecting off water. My intent last night was to get out to North Branch Nature Center for a walk in the evening light and to make some photographs of the river but, due to a series of delays, I did not get there until the sun was down.

Of course, that can be the best part of the color and, in this case, though not a “Hollywood sunset,” a few clouds in an otherwise still-blue sky did turn golden and provided just the right hues and contrast when reflected in the river.


The currents in the Winooski just below the foot bridge are almost always interesting. The flow and patterns can vary widely. Last night the water and light worked well together.

When I find conditions like this, moving even a few feet in one direction or another brings entirely new combinations of light and water, many fascinating to see. The scenes flatten out and the surface of the water becomes solid, almost metallic.

I can get lost quickly in the magic of it all until the fading light breaks the spell. Then the fun begins all over again, going home to see what the photographs look like and, if they are as I’d hoped, dreaming of printing them all three feet wide or projecting them on a huge movie screen! Water and light and a bit of magic.


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4 thoughts on “Water and light

  1. Yes, water is a constant source of magic–one of my favorite books is THE WATER PLANET by Lyall Watson. He says, “Water is liquid imagination”, and your photographs are proof of that.

  2. unexpected, each water image reminds me to be open to what is important

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