Still Learning To See


I’m often amazed at how long I can go without looking up at the sky! Some days my world can end up being about five feet in front of me, mostly looking down—and I’m not even hiking at the time.

The sunset last night during a fabulous dinner out in a buckwheat field with 110 people put on by Outstanding in the Field and Pete’s Greens was the perfect accompaniment to a special evening.

Dinner for 110 people in a freshly mowed field! What a treat.

As dusk fell, the candles came out and friends shared dinner.

Not every night brings a sunset, but why miss any of them that are available?! This one was as delicious as the desert (honey glazed cream cheese poundcake with walnut praline and honey ice cream) and gone almost as quickly!


One of my favorite images of a sunset was over Lake Charlevois several years ago, all the more special because of the moon setting against the contrasting land and clouds.

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2 thoughts on “Sunsets

  1. Karen Dailey on said:

    This must have been Pete’s Green’s treat to their supportive community! What an amazing and lovely event. Hurrah! Glad to have your blog back! /K

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