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Another day, another beach!

The beaches of Lake Michigan, especially farther north, are spectacular. Liz and I have walked several this week, enjoying the water, sand, light, stones and, of course, the company. I love being able to share the place with each other and, yet, also feeling how immense these grand spaces are.

Watching the light in the clear water, transformed by the surface and playing on the bottom, is endlessly fascinating. Many of the beaches have been a mix of sand and stone and bedrock, adding many layers to what happens.

The pebbles and stones grade themselves by size and mass, the lighter ones being on the shore (to the left of this photograph). The shapes and colors and the play of the sun are simply unsorted beauty..


Moving a bit closer, the detail of both the stones and the light provides more layers of surprise and beauty.

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2 thoughts on “Another day, another beach!

  1. The last one of water over the rocks is simply stunning–now I truly can understand the meaning of the word “dappled”. So glad you’re having a joyous time both with nature and family! 🙂

  2. Fred and Nancy Jordan on said:

    This would be a gorgeous picture on a wall. Truly fascinating!!

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