Still Learning To See

Diving in

Imagine being a bee! I so enjoy diving in and seeing flowers up close, with light both reflected and translucent. Like the bees, I too often come up with a yellow nose or camera lens!

Peony in full glory.

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2 thoughts on “Diving in

  1. your sis, Karen on said:

    I remember picking Mom up for a doctor’s appt. one day. She had vibrant yellow marks all over her nose, cheeks, chin and forehead! She was totally unaware of it, of course! “What have you gotten into, Mom,” I inquired, putting down the visor mirror so she could see. With peels of laughter, she told me she had received a bouquet of Asiatic lilies from David and just couldn’t resist putting her nose into each one for a good sniff! Oh my. It took a bit of heavy duty rubbing with several tissues and a little spit to get most of the color off before entering the doctor’s office. What a delight! Love these memories that keep popping up as we are StillLearningToSee with you. hugs, K

  2. What fun to hear that story again. Our mom the bumblebee!

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