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Seeing reflections

I’ve made many photographs of reflections in water and continue to enjoy exploring their endless variations. Summer—with blue skies and white clouds—offers endless opportunity to work along a river bank or from the shore of a pond seeing what tricks light can play.. Sometimes the patterns are regular and repeating and other times they fall into delightful disarray. In nearly all cases I end up mesmerized by the continually changing patterns, textures and colors.

These four images, made earlier in the week at North Branch Nature Center, show the sorts of variations I often see and enjoy. I can be tempted, when seeing these a set of images like these, to dismiss them as “Oh, another reflection!” Instead I find each to be unique and powerful and worthy of being enjoyed for their differences.

And because someone recently asked “what program do you use to manipulate my images?,” I’ll say I don’t manipulate them beyond simple cropping and the colors are as close to what I saw through the viewfinder as I can have them be. The real beauty of images like these is I can see them even without a viewfinder!

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One thought on “Seeing reflections

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    gorgeous reflections of some of the myraid ways we can see water.

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