Still Learning To See

Transit of Venus

My mother loved astronomy and all events of the sky. I remember sitting out on blankets late at night to watch meteor showers and Northern lights. She got stars in her eyes, literally, when the Milky Way was bright.

My sister’s husband, Bob, was an astronomer, which along with his also being a Southerner, assured him a special place in her heart. He was such a good soul to always keep her informed of events in the night sky.

How she would have loved the Transit of Venus tonight. A day with on-again and off-again cloud bursts managed to clear enough in the evening for the sun to peek through the clouds. With filters in place, I’m pleased to report I joined millions watching—and  seeing—Venus make its traverse across the face of the Sun. Mom and Bob would have both enjoyed it so much!

Venus appears near 12 o’clock on the face of the sun.

The clouds were not only lovely but also made it easier to get a good exposure (ISO 200, 1/640 @ f14 with two polarizing filers).

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11 thoughts on “Transit of Venus

  1. Karelyn on said:

    Thanks for this, it’s raining in Fl. so couldn’t have seen it if I tried. Thanks

  2. Julia on said:

    Oh, how amazing–to see that speck and try to wrap my mind around the distances that take my breath away. With your permission, I’d like to use that second picture as my desktop background, just to remind me how truly vast and ineffable the universe really is. Thanks so much–what a great way to honor your mom’s heritage.

  3. BroD on said:

    Mom and Bob did see it!

  4. Claire Snell-Rood on said:

    This is beautiful, John. Thanks so much for sharing it…

  5. marti snell on said:

    Oh John, you have captured again nature’s ordered ways that so often are missed by our inattention or, in our case in Virginia, by clouds.

  6. Karen on said:

    I am moved to tears by your (our) childhood reflections with Mom, by Bob’s presence in our lives, by your photography and deep appreciation of it ALL! Thanks for continuing to learn to see, and to assist all of us in doing the same. with my love, your sis, K

  7. Drummond on said:

    Great photo John! We unfortunately had a very cloudy evening up here and I never got a good look at the amazing dot, you have certainly captured it though.

  8. Cindy on said:

    Many thanks for these wondrous images. No surprise that Washington State was socked in too. But you saved the day – or rather, the Venus for us. Your Mom’s love of the stars reminds me of a beloved neighbor who showed me the moon through his telescope when I was a child. He had that same contagious delight in starry nights. Have you read any books by Chet Raymo – especially the Dork of Cork? He writes fiction as well as a science column and blog. Cindy

  9. Deborah Leu on said:

    great memories and wonderful shot. it was totally cloudy in BC so we missed the live event. thanks for sharing your images!

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