Still Learning To See

Learning to see—still!

I’ve recently made a delightful, new friend. Earl is 10 years old. He is also crazy about trees and wants to know everything there is to know about them. What I really enjoy about him is the great questions he asks, many of them questions I have not even considered asking.

Imagine my surprise when Earl pointed out to me that one of the Ginkgo biloba trees we have planted in town is a male tree. This tree is young enough that it really should not yet be blooming and the flowers are not obvious.

It was a great reminder of how often I take things for granted and walk by without really seeing. Thank you Earl!

My new tree buddy pointing to the male flowers he’d found on one of the downtown Ginkgo trees.

The Ginkgo‘s male flowers—not quite unfurled—and the lovely fan-shaped leaves.

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3 thoughts on “Learning to see—still!

  1. Karen on said:

    What fun! What a delightful surprise! Hurrah to all the Earls in the world. Go for it!

  2. This makes me remember Viveca and her younger sister Carita – V was about ten I’d say and it was wonderful to by in her o so bright sunshine, which she shared with such unconditonality. They were up to the Johnson’s with their mom and dad, those great and crazy Artist’s Cabin days. A real “heaven” would be, everyone is ten years old.

    • We ARE all 10 somewhere inside (YOU of all people certainly are!) and what a delight it is to see it in ourselves and others. Thanks for the memories.

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