Still Learning To See


The temperature here was 24F this morning. Many plants froze hard and many, but not all, will recover without damage. The natural world is so attuned to the sun and the seasons and the temperatures.

Liz and I enjoyed a long walk yesterday in Hubbard Park, bundled against the cold wind. The leaves of the American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) were good indicators of growing conditions, some still in full bud while others had leafed out almost completely. All, of course, are gorgeous. The long leaf buds in their shiny sheathes seem electrically lit. The emerging leaves are so delicate and obviously alive. Where to those leaves come from and how?

The swelling buds of Beech catch the light in such a way they almost seem illuminated from within.

Beech leaves unfurling are simply stunning creations.

A short distance away the leaves on another tree are even further along but still new and fresh and delicate. Soon, in addition to providing energy to the tree, they will be come food for many creatures!

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One thought on “Onward

  1. Hunting on said:

    I sympathize. 28 F up here in Maine last night. OTOH, I planted hazelnut trees yesterday.

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