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Buds, flowers and leaves

My mind boggles even trying to consider the many factors involved in Spring blooming! I know just enough about ecological relationships to see a small part of the complex web. Regardless, I’ve enjoyed continuing to watch the budding, flowering and leafing out unfold, literally, this week.

Considered by many to be a weed tree, the Boxelder Maple (Acer negundo) presents its showy flowers this week.

Common Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), slower to break bud, presents such a lovely contrast between the new buds and the thorns. The flowers themselves is arrive soon and are well worth the wait.

American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) is slow to bud out. As the buds swell, the remaining few of last year's leaves are finally dropping. But hang on! The new leaves will arrive in a week or two and are stunningly beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “Buds, flowers and leaves

  1. Julia on said:

    I love your attention to detail–each spring I choose one tree and visit it daily to see that unfolding, which is another form of the miracle of birth. Tomorrow some of us are headed to Hidden Lake Gardens, where I’ll try to get a picture of the budding Kousa dogwood. The fruit is so unusual–a red berry with an inside like a peach! So from bud to fruit, the “details” are a delight. Thanks again 🙂

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