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A different way of seeing

I had a different day: a visit to Upland Hills School with my old friend Ted. I took an infrared camera to help the students, all 13- and 14-years old, see how their buildings are using energy.

This thermal image shows a dark (cold) area on an inside wall at Upland Hills School is a place where precious energy is being lost, probably due to a simple mistake having been made during construction.

I also had fun sharing the concept of “thinking thermally” with them. This is a presentation I developed showing how our perceptions of the world are biased toward visual light and suggesting there are others ways to perceive the world, in this case, thermally. As is so often the case with middle-school kids, they took to the ideas quickly and easily, and we had great fun together. Here are thermal images of a few of them.

Upland Hills School is a great example of the real power of education based on human needs and self-actualization. Rather than grinding kids down to fit a common mold, this school nurtures their humanity allowing them to discover who they are and how they really fit into life.

Teachers are so important to all of us, especially as we are growing up. While a few have a negative influence and many have little influence, there are almost always a few who challenge us to be the exceptional people we all inherently are. Ted and his colleagues I observed today fit in this latter category. I was impressed with the immense respect they had for the children, a true gift to all of us.

Another young friend, Aaron, recently published a blog this week describing the difference one of his teachers made in his life. He so clearly was moved forward by her inspiring work.

How can we best learn from each other and then turn that into an opportunity to share or teach with others? I know I learned a great deal from this group of kids today!

Ted's class at Upland Hills School is a hot group of kids even if I failed to get them in sharp focus in this thermal image!


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2 thoughts on “A different way of seeing

  1. WOW! Talk about a new way of “seeing”–we’re all RAINBOWS in a thermal sense! The students were very lucky to have you there!

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