Still Learning To See


I led a tree pruning workshop today and, as I often do, fell in love with the trees all over again. The relationship with trees in an urban environment, in particular, is so special. They depend so much on what humans do (or don’t do!) and yet we take them so for granted.

This is especially true here in Vermont, the land of “green mountains,” where we live in a forest in all directions. But in the concrete and asphalt mess we’ve created, the trees are precious and all too vulnerable.

I notice how few people plant trees of any significant stature. Not surprising but very disappointing. We’ve almost made what we do have sort of pets we want contained and trained and made manageable. My vision is to have people 200 years from now walking the pair of Bur Oaks (Quercus macrocarpa) we planted 10 years ago. In the meantime, I keep my eye on what we have around us and work to grow more.

The forest margin is a lovely accompaniment to the morning colors over Camel's Hump. A crow seemed to enjoy the scene too from the top of a tree.

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