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A trip to the Northeast Kingdom

The Northeast Kingdom is such a special place. Rob and I spent a long day in the incredible ecosystem of Moose Bog and driving the back roads.

Highlights were early strong gray light, cold wind over the ice-covered bog, amazing boreal plants, Gray Jays (Perisoreus canadensis), a good lunch of Dahl soup and finally cold rain most of the way home. We saw so much and even managed to make a few interesting photographs. A good day.

Rotten ice melting off of "grass" of some kind growing around the edge of the bog. Homework to identify it is in order!

Did the Martians land at Moose Bog?! How can such an amazing life form exist on a cold, raw day in the middle of "nowhere?"


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3 thoughts on “A trip to the Northeast Kingdom

  1. I believe the second picture is what we call witch’s butter. Kids find it fascinating.

    • Yes, but, if they happen to eat it, they turn out like you have! 😉 More seriously, you are correct in identifying it. A quick search documents the fact that a description of Tremella mesenterica was first published in 1769!

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