Still Learning To See

Mind pictures

So often there are pictures that either just don’t make it out of the camera like I’d hoped or that happen when I don’t have a camera in hand.

Today, when Rob and I were walking, we came upon a flock of 20-30 Snow Buntings. I’ve not seen them often so it is always special. The image of them flying up and circling around, first gray and then white, and landing by the roadside is one I’ll never forget. I wish I had the perfect photograph to share but, alas, I had not camera. Even if I’d had one, I’m not sure I could have made a photograph of what I saw.

Sometimes I’m ready and prepared and other times I’m just lucky. Regardless, there are many pictures I’ll never forget, even if they are “only” in my mind, and a few others I’ve made and I’m glad I can share via my photographs.

Sand on the beach that had been covered with ice, now melted, reveals a pattern with little scale and great mystery.

Snow and ice on Lake Erie seen after the ice broke up and re-froze. Again a pattern with little reference as to scale but with many delightful, mysterious relationships.

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