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Two glorious days

Two glorious days on snowshoes—with decent snow even—enjoying the Green River Reservoir State Park with the delightful company of Rob and Michael.

Cold (14F) and windy yesterday but great light. Today we were greeted with a couple inches of fresh snow, then turning much warmer (40F) and sunny. Much of the time we snowshoed around the edges of the lake, getting a unique perspective of the shoreline—vegetation, shadows of big trees on the snow, glacial erratics, animal tracks, lichens and much more.

I have sun and wind burn, a tired body, a big smile on my face and some lovely photographs. I’ll share more over the next few days.

Hoar frost formed along a crack where the ice had heaved up. Perhaps some creatures live below?

The delicate ice crystals, about an inch long, were lovely in yesterday's cold weather and gone in today's sun and warmer temperatures.

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4 thoughts on “Two glorious days

  1. juliastrimer on said:

    Oh, what lovely mysteries! Those ice crystals DO look like they frame an opening into another world. I love how delighted you get–thanks for both the pictures and your enthusiasm!

  2. Karen Dailey on said:

    Oh my! I love your eye, and your ability to capture and share these wonders. Thank you, John!

  3. Oh John, I thought I was so ready to move on from ICE (enjoyed your greenery and thinking more of spring), but these make me rethink a summer treasured spot GRR and, once again through your eyes, see it in a new light. Thank you for your efforts to share with us all.

  4. Thanks all. Yes, the greenness was just a short step sideways. Soon enough although it sounds like we may actually get some real snow tomorrow. More photographs made at GRR coming soon…

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