Still Learning To See

More old snow

I enjoyed long walks today in what seems like weather of early March. Robins with bright red breasts. Ferns and moss both green in the sunshine. This is not normal.

I took time to again look at some photographs I made at Morse Farm a few years back. The wind ripples and the blue sky tint of the shadowed snow are both so magical. A delight to see the simple, beautiful compositions the wind creates with a bit of snow and some light.

A simple line of shadow on some wind-blown snow creates a composition I find so satisfying.

Another variation of wind, light and snow, all there for the seeing.

This could almost be an aerial photograph but is "only" snow, sun and wind.

Add a fold in a snow drift and the shadows bend to boggle the mind. I love the two colors of snow, the warm sunlight and the colder shadows.

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4 thoughts on “More old snow

  1. Very nice photographs. I think it is time for you to have a photography show in town!
    Waiting list can be long so sign up soon.

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    fantastic shots, john! wonderful interplay of light and shadow.

    • Yes, I remember several says last winter when we had these snow/wind/light conditions and I was running all over the place on snowshoes making photos while everyone else was our XC skiing! “Who is that madman?” Me, thankfully!

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