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Ice, again

A lovely hike at North Branch Nature Center along the North Branch of the Winooski yesterday, found me seeing several new kinds of ice. Along the edges of the river were a number of places where the water had risen, frozen and dropped slightly, leaving clear, thin ice full of fractures.

Thin edge ice formed as the water in the river dropped forming a complex matrix of fractures and stress cracks in several layers.

At another spot a 2″ thick layer of ice had formed. When the water dropped it rested on a gravel bar and cracked revealing a clear edge which was illuminated by the late afternoon light.

The quality of the light refracted through the edge of this 2" thick ice was marvelous!

Again fascinating were those places where the water and ice met at the freezing/melting point. And the currents in the water as it was channeled by the ice and reflected the rich late afternoon sun. What a remarkable substance water is in nearly any light and at any temperature!

Water and ice and a space where it seems to be between solid and liquid.

A rapids with blue sky and late afternoon clouds reflecting off the surface.

As the light fades the rich blue tones predominate in reflections off this complex pattern of ripples.

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2 thoughts on “Ice, again

  1. John, I just really love how you capture the light in these (and others), especially the 2 inch triangle. You make me want to slow down to see more….


  2. Thanks. How crazy is it that we make it so hard to do less or nothing! Yes, slowing down is essential to seeing at least for me!

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