Still Learning To See

“If it ain’t fun…

…why do it?” I have our Vermont heroes, Ben & Jerry, to thank for that wonderful thought. Sometimes when I find myself grumpy, I am reminded I don’t really need to be that way.

Being grumpy is, in fact, pretty much antithetical to seeing life. For me it is really about worry—about the past or the future. “Now” may not always be rosy but it sure beats something that isn’t any more (the past) or something isn’t yet (the future)!

A case in point. I make a point to regularly pick up trash along one of the trails leading into Hubbard Park. This one is frequented by “kids” and it shows. Lots of cigarette packs and beer bottles after a weekend, especially a warm one. (Adults, of course, simply have a different kind of trash—oversized cars/trucks, huge homes, poverty, etc.)

Anyway, I realized I was getting crabby every time I picked up the trash, imagining the “jerks who’d toss this stuff everywhere.” Then I realized no one had asked me to pick it up so I could either just stop being crabby or stop picking it up. What a revelation!

I now pick up the trash—part of my willing “payment” to use such a great park—and am just not hooked into the drama of being crabby about it. It may not be “fun,” but at least it ain’t crabby!

Who knows, maybe one day there will be no more trash. Will I be crabby about that?! Humans! If I come back as a River Otter next time around, will I be crabby?

A River Otter (Lontra canadensis) seems to have had some fun last week scooting around on the edge of the ice at Berlin Pond! Maybe I can learn a lesson from the critter.

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2 thoughts on ““If it ain’t fun…

  1. Marti Snell on said:

    I don’t always read your words, but I always scroll down and gaze at the picture. This time I did both and took time. How true … Just use some self control, AKA just don’t do it!

  2. Karen Dailey on said:

    Interesting thoughts, John. I also pick up returnable bottles and cans along Howe Rd as I walk my regular 3.5 mile route. After several years as being the self-appoined picker-upper, I found that I was looking into the roadside ditches with such intensity that I was missing the trees, birds, fields, grasses,skies and clouds…all that was simply beautiful to see! Since that time of “enlightment”, I’ve been more focused on the beauty about me…yet still always have a bag in my pocket in which to put the bottles, cans and miscellaneous trash. Lately I have been known to just skip being a picker-upper for the day and let my eyes feast on all that is outside of the ditches. Both are good choices!

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