Still Learning To See

Expecting the unexpected

Before I went away last week, I seeded a pot of basil. This time of year I’m hungry for that distinctly summer taste fresh in so many dishes. I’m pleased to report small green sprouts showed themselves today and enjoyed a day of bright sunshine.

I found a gorgeous Crane Fly, unexpectedly, on the inside of a window one winter day.

While planting the basil I was reminded of a similar day several winters ago when I suddenly found a Crane Fly inside on a warm south window. I suspect the larvae had been in one of the plants I’d brought inside in the fall.

I was unable to identify exactly which species it was but, regardless, it was startling, and unexpectedly so, seeing it flying around in the middle of winter. There is, truly, a whole world even in a pot of soil. How little I know!

I’m grateful to be reminded to expect the unexpected in life and, at least in this case, to take delight in seeing its beauty.

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