Still Learning To See

A full day, empty of photographs

I enjoyed a remarkable day with one of my sisters, exploring some wonderful new territory, enjoying each others’ company and having lots of fun just playing with (such a great term!) our cameras and making all kinds of photographs.

In the end I found I had no “useable” photographs. At first I was really disappointed. I’d hoped to find a photography to post here. Interesting how “hope” and “disappointed” are both rooted in somewhere other than the present, often not a very satisfying place to be for long.

In the here and now I was clear the photographs were simply not very good. I deleted them all. Once I shifted myself to the present moment, I actually felt good doing it and just saying to myself: “I learned a lot today and none of these are worth saving!”

So here is one I made a few years ago on a winter visit to Michigan. There was a quick break in the clouds, a flash of sun and the bright light reflecting off fractured ice of Lake Erie below.

I love the challenge of even finding the scale of this photograph. Is it a close-up or what?! Ultimately the clouds and brightness guide my eyes until they recognize, far below, the patterns of fractured ice on Lake Erie.

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