Still Learning To See


Life looking back at me, smiling. Is it really this simple?

Sometimes I feel blind to life! I seem to see everything as more of “the same.” I feel I’ve taken (and I use the term advisedly) “that” photograph before a hundred times. The light is bad, I’m bored with it all and I just can’t see anything!

And then, with good fortune, the Muse let’s me see how little it can take for everything unseen to reveal itself. Stars in the daytime twinkle with the change to night and all that. A single step to one side or a move just a bit closer and what was uninteresting or trite suddenly works to communicate my seeing.

Can it all be as simple as smiling and seeing life through that little hole looking out on life?

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3 thoughts on “Seeing

  1. Thanks to my photo buddy for his thoughts on using B&W, especially for people photos.
    The details for this photograph:
    Pentax K-7, ISO 100, 55-300mm Pentax lens at 120mm, 1/250@f6.3

  2. Sure can! The problem is that “simple” is NOT EASY. The whole “simplicity” movement is based on one of my favorites, Thoreau. Even Outward Bound starts with his simple statement, “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.” When I add to that the “simple” words of Henry James, I’m given two concepts that, lived properly, would change the world. James said that there are only 3 things needed in life: “Be kind, be kind, be kind.”

    So simplicity and kindess–wonderful in their power, and SO HARD to follow in life. Photographs can show beauty and terror (I think of war photography especially for the latter). But what they really reflect is OUR way of “seeing”–and I’m so enjoying YOUR sight 🙂

  3. …and I yours! Thank you.

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