Still Learning To See

Things I can count on

Snow, ice and water together seem simple but the physical relationships, only a small part of which I "see," I find astonishing..

I know I can count on friends and family to remind me of who I am because they can really see me, all of me. I’d be lost, really lost, without them.

I know I can count on being stunned by seeing the clear, cold skies of a winter dawn or dusk. What is it about the light? Is it that I know what it will look like? Bell clear scrim and in graduated shades right to the horizon. A first star or early morning planet placed just right for a perfect contrast. Trees silhouetted sharply in black. Perhaps a few clouds, first pink with low sunlight and then gray and black without. It always looks this way and I’m always amazed as I watch it slowly dim or brighten.

I know I can count on ice tomorrow morning. Temperatures will drop below zero tonight for the first time this winter. I welcome the changes. Today I saw the river thickening and by morning I know it will be mostly still. Snow on ice. Animal tracks crossing it, or nearly, telling their stories. A cold that feels good, at least for a while. Ice sparkling in the sun, the magic of water turns solid.

I know I can count on seeing some fine photographs waiting to be made.

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