Still Learning To See

Watching for the moon

The moon can be such a mystery to me. Between the often cloudy skies in Vermont, my unconsciousness and it not being very visible on clear days, I find it challenging to remember where the moon “should” be. Even when I know roughly when and where to look for it, it often remains illusive. Early this evening, if clear, it might look something like this in the Western sky as it sets. La Luna is that much more special when it does reveal itself like this.

A new moon caught in the branches of a Black Locust tree.

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2 thoughts on “Watching for the moon

  1. Marti Snell on said:

    What a lovely Christmas present. Can you tell the date of your photo? Also for those of us who are learning, can you give any relevant photography and camera/lens details?.
    XX. Marti

  2. I don’t have that information on the computer I’m traveling with but I think it was a March moon. I set the camera up on a tripod for this one—having learned too many times the handheld does not work for the moon!—and used a 50-300mm zoom fully extended. I’d hoped to see the moon last night here in NC but the clouds rolled in. The next few nights also are predicted to be cloudy.

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