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Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow

Looks like Vermont will be greenish-brown for Christmas as the little snow we’ve had to date is mostly gone. Sad. I have snow shoes and XC skis ready and waiting.

The photographic opportunities of snow are astounding and widely varied. I’ve seen snow turn from gray to blue to yellow to red depending on the light. I love the textures and way they often change from day-to-day with the play of wind and sun and temperature.

Timing is crucial! But, when I get somewhere “too late,” Ā rather than think about what I missed I am often delighted to find some new variation on snow having suddenly shown up. There seems to be no shortage of photographs waiting to be found and made!

Here is one I pulled out from several years ago. Now a storm like this would be a great way to wake up Christmas morning!

Lovely white-out conditions a couple of years ago at Morse Farm in East Montpelier.

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2 thoughts on “Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow

  1. In St Paul we also only had a dusting. So I will mesomorph myself into this snowy farm forest. This picture is that real. Marti

  2. I think I meant “morph”! M

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