Still Learning To See

The weather outside is…

…delightful, even when “frightful!” I love to get out in ANY kind of weather, especially winter weather. Many think I’m crazy but I just love it. Blowing, cold weather is so real! Of course I dress for it and know there is a warm house and a cup of tea at the end of the day.

Today is not yet very wintery (45F) but it is very, very gray. Tough light in which to photograph just about anything. We are just two weeks from the Solstice.

Rob, Michael and I went for a 2-hour walk up through Hubbard Park and out to the North Branch Nature Center. I left my camera at home and simply enjoyed the easy company of friends and a great, long walk through some of my favorite territory.

I know I cannot always see everything. If I tried, I’d never get anywhere. My aim is to be aware and available. How often have I walked (or worse driven) a distance and then realized I’d been in my head talking to myself the whole time! Walking is wonderful because it challenges my brain to go slower. Similar to the “slow food” movement but for the mind instead. The result is the same: I can better enjoy the taste of life.

Here is a photograph not of shades of grey but of those of brown, taken yesterday in light that was a bite brighter. The Maiden Hair Fern in the middle, though “dead,” has such beauty nestled among the various shade of brown leaves. It also is a delightful reminder of warmer times when the frond was a delicate green arc of light on the forest floor.

Regardless of the weather…the circle of time is there. Tomorrow’s weather forecast is calling for snow. I’m ready. Full moon on the 10th. Maybe we’ll be lucky and have snow and a clear night!

Maiden Hair Fern on winter leaves

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