Still Learning To See


Covered in snow the Christmas Fern reveals a simplified pattern

Cold again this morning (18F) and gorgeous sun. During my 4-hour walk in Hubbard Park I thought a good deal about this blog and how I want to use it. Interesting how just getting started can seem such a challenge. I know once I begin anything, a walk or a project, I end up getting where I’m “supposed” to. Just “be here now,” right?!

The ferns were amazing again today. In the north part of the park they were covered in snow, revealing subtle, fascinating patterns. On the south side, they basked luxuriously green and beautiful in the morning sun. I was drawn to the simple patterns they define in either location, both the rosette pattern of the the entire plant as well as the similarities and differences in the patterns of the three species that are now displaying green leaves (Christmas Fern, Wood Fern and Ostrich Fern?!).

Sometimes my seeing happens when I’m not looking so closely or diligently. The snow covered ferns showed me a different, but related, version of the rosette pattern when I let myself stop looking for what I was expecting to see!

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